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Does the KAS – KASPA Miner KS3 really bring that much profit? What is our assessment of the KASPA Blockchain

Top10 crypto miner ranking from 07/17/23

If you look at the TOP10 miner rankings today (07/17/2023), you will think at first that there must be a calculation error…


Over 73,000 euros per month with a single miner…

So, let’s take a look behind the scenes of the blockchain mining of the KAS Miner. There are countless fake shops on the internet about the KASPA miners – no wonder with the yields. That’s why we were extremely careful with the first test purchase. This morning we were able to convince ourselves with our own eyes that the miners really exist and still want to publish a few “buts” about the KASPA network.


1. Market Cap of KAS | KASPA

At just over $500 million, the KAS Blockchain isn’t that small anymore, putting it well ahead of Kadena, Nervos, ETHW, Dash, and Zcash – which is impressive. The point already speaks for the network.



2. KAS Liquidity

If you are now planning an investment in a new blockchain, you naturally also want to ensure that you can use the proceeds quickly or convert them to FIAT.

Just over USD 31 million per day is also a good volume. Here one can assume that the proceeds can also be converted quickly.

3. KASPA Trading Exchanges

There are still few trading exchanges for Kaspa. On the Kaspa homepage: you will also find large stock exchanges such as or Kucoin. This means that you can rest assured that you can convert the mined coins quickly.


4. Network Difficulty

Now it gets a little tricky. In mining, the network difficulty corresponds to a dynamic brake. So if the mathematical puzzle is solved too quickly and there is not enough time between each block to maintain the high level of protection, then the brakes will be applied. In other words: the difficulty is increased. Based on this and the overall hash performance in the network, one can estimate how stable the future yields will be.

If we look at the development of the KAS Difficulty, we immediately notice that there has been a massive increase since Iceriver’s delivery started with the stronger miners and since Bitmain started with their own KS3 (was only available for sale for a short time and then stopped immediately).


You can find out more about the current difficulty of KAS at Link.

That said, the merit will definitely keep going down as the difficulty increases.


5. Total Hash Power KAS or KASPA Blockchain

And this is exactly where you should sit up and take notice: As of today, around 1955 TH installed KASPA performance is spinning. If you convert that to the currently available KS3L (5 TH power), this corresponds to just 390 machines. Each new miner automatically reduces the proceeds – the total profit is always divided among all pool miners (excluding solo mining and of course per pool). 2miners currently manages just 100 TH at KAS….

With such a small number of miners, the new devices will have a massive impact on overall profits and wipe out revenues. Please include this in your calculation!


If you would like to start with KASPA mining, you can buy the KS3L directly from us here. And as always: You are welcome to come to us for hosting and we will take care of your miners with the usual top service: To the Miner KS3L from Iceriver with 5 TH/s performance (

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