Lifetime provision with deep structure

Miner Affiliate Program

Lifetime Commission - Customer and Affiliate Retention

Through our affiliate program with 8 levels, you can build up an extraordinary passive income and that permanently.

You automatically earn on:

  1. Direct Purchases with high commissions
  2. Referrals of your affiliate partners
  3. Referrals of your referrals of your partners... 7 referral levels deep!
  4. Follow-up purchases from your customers and affiliates.
  5. Lifetime Commissions
  6. You automatically increase in earnings with more sales and new affiliates

Referral levels 0.5 - 1.0% commission

Earn money automatically from all recommendations from your customers. And recommendations of recommendations.. 7 levels deep!

Even widespread marketing and tens of thousands of customers in the first line are possible without any problems.

Every returning customer is automatically an income in the network.


Independent Income

You build up a strong income with your network.

Here you earn several times:

  1. Direct sales made by you or through your link
  2. Revenues of won partners and their partners
  3. If a partner then has his commission paid out as a miner, this is again a purchase in your network - this way you continuously build up a quasi-passive income
  4. If you have part or all of your commissions paid out as a miner, you make a wonderful living from mining
2 - 8.5%

Direct Sales Commission

Graduated according to turnover and the number of your recruited partners, you will receive a direct sales commission of 2 to 8.5%.

You prefer your commission in miners? No problem, we'll be happy to do it quickly.



On the 1st of each month, the commission is billed for the entire network.

Optionally in euros or mining hardware (depending on the sum, different options)


Detailed Reports

Comprehensive reports and evaluations.

Network Matrix and automatic notifications of newly acquired affiliates and sales.

Become an affiliate partner:

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    Earn easy money

    Earn money with your own website: It's that easy!

    Whether you are a private individual or a tradesman – getting started is very easy: register for free, install the appropriate advertising material on your own website and start earning money immediately! You will receive up to 8.5% commission for each transaction.

    Transparency is important to us: You can therefore see in your account at any time in real time how many clicks and orders were generated via your website and your network and how much commission you are entitled to.

    For free

    Professional calculators and high-quality advertising material

    With us you will find the right advertising material for your website free of charge. The integration on your website is uncomplicated and fast.

    Additionally, you can use our stylish logos, HTML widgets, banners and product reference templates for free, all of which link to our landing page.

    If you have any further wishes regarding the perfection of your advertising, our support team is at your disposal!


    Commissions for every sale and 7 levels deep

    Commissions for every sale - this is how you get the most out of your website!

    Sit back and let your website work for you! With every transaction through one of our sites, you will receive commissions of 2% (up to 8.5% maximum earnings level) and 0.5 -1.0% commission from all mediated referrals and their friends. You can achieve high profits every month without much effort.

    Of course, fun shouldn’t be neglected either: We therefore regularly come up with attractive special offers for our partners: Whether it’s trips, voucher campaigns, smartphone or tablet raffles – our affiliates shouldn’t lack for anything.